St Lucia Songs

When you think of St Lucia, what do you imagine?

Peaceful lazy days, filled with sun, beach, lush rainforest, volcanic scenery, and balmy nights full of exotic sounds and romance. What about music, does that ever cross your mind, could you name any St Lucia songs?

If you can’t, don’t give yourself a hard time about it. I mean when was the last time you heard or saw a promotion about a St Lucian artist.

Do you even know what music comes out of St Lucia?

I know I didn’t and I was shocked by how much original music was being made on this tiny island in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

Inspirational reggae, dancehall, contemporary gospel, and so much more. And the good news is soon we’ll all have an opportunity to hear the unique sounds of St Lucia. Not by accidentally stumbling into a bar on the island and catching a set, but by hearing this music being promoted by a brand new radio station – RJL Radio.

This new station on the block has a mission to promote home grown artist to the Caribbean and the world. The amazing thing, at least to me is that this station is the only radio station on the island that seeks to actively promote artists from St Lucia.

How can that be…

… I mean there are so many stations that broadcast from the island of St Lucia, why do they not promote St Lucian artist or St Lucia songs. Do they not think their own artists deserve at least some of the air time they so willingly give to the international stars they promote.

MISTA. L of RJL Radio certainly thinks so. He wants RJL Radio to be a beacon of inspiration to all St Lucian artists who feel neglected by their own country.

Artist like Wilburne, a Gospel Artist, who had this to say, “finally, this is a radio station with the sole purpose of transforming our local artists into local superstars. This station has given the once drowned out voice of positive local music, a breath of fresh air!!

But Wilburne isn’t the only artist making St Lucia songs and starting to feel the love and recognition of being welcomed at last.

“I am really excited about the launch of RJL Radio…finally we’ve gotten our own platform”. Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson – Jazz Guitarist / Recording Artist 

“It is very refreshing to have RJL Radio come on stream, not only is this new station dedicated to promoting St Lucian artists, but at its central focus is making sure that all the content that’s shared is wholesome, inspirational and uplifting. RJL Radio is sure to help in building a more conscious nation.” Semi – Inspirational Reggae Artist.

And Daddy Twan a positive reggae/dancehall artist, who said “I most certainly need to take time out to welcome the onset of RJL Radio. Also let me confess that the need for a radio station such as RJL has been long overdue. RJL Radio promoting positive music and the growth of the music industry in St Lucia.”

Lateefah, a Contemporary Gospel Artist added “It is so refreshing to have a radio station in St Lucia that is dedicated to promoting positive homegrown content. RJL Radio is a welcome breath of fresh air.”

And finally, Kingdom Soldier, who describes himself as a Positive Reggae Artist, stated that “RJL Radio presents a real opportunity for positive local content to receive some recognition, both nationally and internationally.

To be finally recognized is a big deal to these artist, it’s the type of inspiration we all need when trying to make something special, that can be enjoyed by so many.

Want to support local St Lucian artists? You can visit the RJL radio website at, they have a pre-launch month beginning on the 1st of February 2021.

As part of the launch, they’re running a competition with 50 St Lucia songs you can actually listen to and vote on. Plus, there’s a video page where you can get to see and know more about the young and young at heart artists of St Lucia.

But that’s not all you’ll find, there’s also a page full of albums and single St Lucia songs all from up and coming St Lucian artist. If any of them take your fancy, you’re able to purchase them, just click on the album artwork and you can purchase from iTunes, Amazon, or one of the other platforms.

We’d love to hear what you think of our new station – RJL Radio. You can also find us on Twitter, our handle is @rjlradio, come join the fun, you never know you might find yourself singing some St Lucia songs in the not too distant future.

Resorts In St. Lucia and The Sweet Sounds Of The Caribbean

Voted the wedding vacation spot of the world for 2020, the resorts in St Lucia have a lot to be proud of. These all-inclusive resorts cater to all your needs, from the time you arrive to when you leave. Can you think of a better way to start married life?

I can’t, but I may be biased as I live on this tropical haven.

Imagine each morning you wake, the sunshine is there to greet you, streaming through your hotel windows. The wonderful sounds of the birds singing happily, the trees and the wonderful sea breeze touching your face lightly. This is what being in one of the resorts in St Lucia is like.

Even in the rainy season that runs from June to November, a sudden downpour is hard pushed to spoil your day. Why? Because as quickly as the rain begins it can be over and the wonderful weather St Lucia is known for is back.

And it’s even better in the dry season.

But no matter when you go there’s one thing you’ll find hard to resist and that’s the call of the sea with its warmth and beauty, you just have to dive in.

Each of the resorts in St Lucia will afford you the joy of water sports. From gentle  sail boats, snorkeling, and scuba diving to being pulled along on a giant banana. You’ll be able to see the most spectacular varieties of fish, crustaceans and the colorful reefs.

Furthermore, the rainforest and volcanic landscape is absolutely stunning, an absolute must see for all visitors. Plus, St Lucia makes its own chocolate, did you know that? And you’re able to visit where it is made. And you cannot miss out on its rum, distilleries both sell and let you taste their fine creations. But don’t get carried away, we’d hate for you to miss your transport home.

All the information you need and planned day trips are available through the resorts in St Lucia.

But no vacation in the Caribbean is complete without music. Be it the melodic sounds of the steel drums or the bass of the reggae beat, music is truly at the heart of the Caribbean.

And St Lucia is no different.

By the way, did you know there is a brand new radio station called RJL Radio whose sole mission is to impact society with positive music and content programming that will uplift and contribute to the thoughts and ideas of our nation.

The good news is that while staying at one of the resorts in St Lucia you’ll be able to listen to inspirational gospel, reggae/dancehall and a whole myriad of homegrown talent from St Lucia.

This is the first time you can do this as St Lucian artists are so underpromoted in their own country.

You’d be hard pressed to find true St Lucian music on any radio station in St Lucia at this time. That has now changed.

RJL Radio is now proud to be the lead support of St Lucian music and the artists who produce inspirational island music.

You can find RJL Radio at



Twitter: @rjlradio


The next time you’re relaxing at one of the resorts in St Lucia and want to listen to homegrown music, tune in onto RJL Radio I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And remember RJL Radio has its website too and we’d love for you to come over and say hello. We’ve made the place welcoming with lots of interesting information and great music to listen to.

Zouk: The Music of St. Lucia

Gentle breeze, swaying trees and the Pitons like parents guarding their children below; yes we’re in the picturesque island of St. Lucia. Sweet music in the air, nice… Is that Zouk, the music of St. Lucia?

Just close your eyes and get lost in the melodic style of the lead guitar. Feel the music of St Lucia wash over you like a calming wave of relaxation.

Relaxed? Here’s a little bit of information to whet your appetite…

The intoxicating sound of Zouk made its way to St. Lucia from the neighboring French island of Martinique. Sung in Patwa (patois), a French-based Creole language spoken in St Lucia you can truly immerse yourself in the culture of this wonderful country.

RJL Radio, a dynamic online station and one of St Lucia’s newest radio stations, features local music like Zouk so you can be transported to another world whenever you feel like.

Zouk is not the only music of St Lucia. It is just one of the many genres that will be featured on RJL Radio.

The music of St Lucia is a bountiful mix of reggae, soul, R&B, jazz and cadence (meaning a series of notes).

Local artists like Legal (real name Daniel Joseph), Werner ‘Semi’ Francis, Kingdom Soldier (Lenny Deneb) and Neo soul gospel artist Lateefah, just to name a few, remind us that the music of St Lucia is a tasty Bouyon (red bean soup) that would have you coming back for more, time and time again.

It seems like RJL Radio aren’t the only ones in love with the music of St Lucia. A search of their website revealed that this love is shared by Entertainment Sounds Production (ESP), the latest music house to open for business in St Lucia.

Imagine with me for a while…

Sitting on a white sandy beach, crystalline waters lapping at your feet as you sip a cool cocktail; not a care in the world. RJL Radio and its signature sound, the music of St Lucia gently playing in the background.

A catchy combination of afro-beats and French Creole (patois) heralds Curlin Hudson, a Christian/Gospel/Zouk and Reggae artist from Vieux Fort, the sweet harmony ushering memories of love, fun and joy.

Followed by the music of Empress Illa & the Mystics band, and later for all the reggae lovers, the music of Gersham. You’re lost in the music and before long night falls.

There’s something for everyone at RJL Radio.

If gospel, rap or a mix is your thing you’ll be spoilt for choice with artists like Gospel rapper A J and Angelle. Not sure, reggae artist Taj Weekes recently named Goodwill and Brand Ambassador for St Lucia could be a great introduction to the music of St Lucia.

Let’s not forget St Lucia Jazz. Yes they have local jazz musicians as well. I’m not sure if this is strictly jazz, but there’s the soft sensual sound of Arthur Allain combined with the melodious saxophone rhythms from Rashaad that throws me into a tailspin, and of course not forgetting St. Lucia’s internationally recognized jazz guitarist Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson.  

RJL Radio really captures the essence of the music of St. Lucia. Streaming 24 hours a day; local music, local content, with just the right mix of Caribbean and international sounds. You’ll never miss a beat with RJL Radio. Check them out and tell me what you think about the music of St Lucia.

You can catch RJL Radio at:



Twitter: @rjlradio


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