Exclusive! Lateefah “This is Who I Am”

Lateefah is a neosoul/gospel singer-songwriter based in London, United Kingdom. Her songs are inspired by pages from her diary and listening to them is a life changing experience. Lateefah counts amongst her influences such names as Jill Scott, Lisa McClendon, Lauryn Hill, India Arie and Ledisi. In a very short time Lateefah has built a […]


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Nickler Dorville releases New single ‘Ain’t Just Like You’

Fresh off the press for 2022, St. Lucian Pop /R&B songstress Nickler Dorville has released her latest single ‘Ain’t Just Like You’ where she expresses her genuine feelings when it comes to matters of the heart. The heart bleeds sometimes and for her the music is a catharsis which allows her to recover from painful experiences. In doing so listeners, who can relate, will attain their own understanding and hopefully find healing through self-love and acceptance of one self.



“Desperate For You” Kiokya Cruickshank releases new single

On January 28th, 2021 Kiokya released her latest Single entitled “Desperate For You”
which is now streaming on all major digital platforms, and can be heard on RJL Radio, your positive music station.

Kiokya has been making an impact on the local, regional and international gospel scene
evident by the release of her 2019 single “I can’t do it without You!” released in
2019, which is featured on various countdowns including Caribbean African American Countdown
(CAAG), BTC Flow TV, ZNS Bahamas, Our TV, Caribvision TV, Tempo TV, CH
44 Africa, All Nations TV and BPEN TV.

This talented songstress was born into a musical family which includes her parents, uncles & aunts who formed the locally
famous Gospel band – “The Revival Players”, it was only natural for her to develop her craft
while attending many rehearsals and making appearances with the band, which includes her
rendition of “I Surrender All” at the tender age of 11, during a Ron Kenoly concert held at
the Victoria park in SVG.




Residing in Manchester, Yetti Tabai is a versatile singer-songwriter and performing artist from Barnet, England. The Nigerian born artist is no stranger to UK Gospel music, having previously released songs such as ‘Shower’ produced by Essie B Music and Arugbo Ojo Ft. David Ore produced by Maxwell. Her latest single ‘Perfect’ is melodious and full of life, consisting of live instrumentation from a full band and amazing backing vocals. Produced by Essie B who has credits with BBC Radio and Executively produced by Lekan Shobiyi, the founder of Ladafidi Music who has worked with the likes of (Sonnie Badu, Dbanj, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall).
Yetti Tabai grew up as an orphan in Lagos Nigeria. Like any other girl she craved a better connection with her father whilst she lived with her grandparents. She found herself amongst adults, and couldn’t really form a connection with her adopted family and she sought a better relationship with her father, yet he always made promises that he never kept. She often read about her father in the local newspapers who was working for the government. But she never had the opportunity to spend much time with him. This made her feel alone, rejected and she ended up homeless in Luton when she couldn’t afford her university fees. All of this led her to find companionship in Christ. ‘Christ has healed me from the loneliness and
rejection that I felt as a child’ – Yetti Tabai. She is now on a mission to help others like herself through her music. Perfect captures her pains, hopes, and victory that she found in Christ.



From the beginning to the end this song guarantees to captivate and inspire the listeners. ‘Perfect’ is perfect for your Gospel, Soul, Jazz, Uplifting and Inspirational playlists. Yetti has carved out a style of her own, which can best be described as “Alternative Soul with a little bit of Rock ‘n’ Roll. She is a singer with depth, and her songs cover a range of topics, but the message of Christ remains embedded in all her work.



Fishburn Releases Brand new single ‘The Other Side’

Fishburn is a dance artist out of Chicago that produces contemporary pop, electronic, dance & chill Christian music. Fishburn features various singers, styles & messages all geared towards praising our Lord Jesus & His message of Love. Humble beginnings as a mobile & club DJ over the years, I used to produce secular dance music and charted on the Billboard Club charts in 2007. I switched my path a few years ago and decided to make music for our Lord & those who love Him.


AbiYah Yisrael promotes clean living and healthy eating in new reggae single “Eat Clean Live Clean”

Silently as it’s kept, AbiYah Yisrael arguably is becoming one of the most relevant female artists in the new-generation of rising reggae talents.She continues to work hard to earn her place and title as she delivers more positive, spiritual and conscious lyrics that address sensitive and timeless issues.“Eat Clean Live Clean”, her latest single, speaks to the issue of how we eat and live . AbiYah, who follows a Kosher diet, believes that there are certain foods which contaminate the body  thus causing a spiritual block or what she describes as calcification of the Pineal gland. Read more at: https://dominicanewsonline.com/news/homepage/abiyah-yisrael-promotes-clean-living-and-healthy-eating-in-new-reggae-single-eat-clean-live-clean/



Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson’s New single

‘More Over’ Added to Serius/XM Radio Rotation!

Fresh off the success of his breakout single “African Queen” this past Spring/Summer, internationally renowned guitarist and composer Ronald ‘Boo’ Hinkson has struck gold again with his new single “More Over” on Zephryn Records.
Full story here



Midnight Prophet releases new single “The Other Side”

July 19, 2021 – Midnight Prophet (aka Andrew Vaz) releases his newest single “The
Other Side” from his upcoming album. The track showcases Midnight Prophet’s knack
for storytelling and heartfelt lyrics. It comes after other strong singles like
“Uncovered”, which have amassed a huge following since their respective releases. The
song is now available on all digital retailers and streaming platforms.
Midnight Prophet says about the track, “Everyone has been through toxic
relationships, and it’s always the hardest when it’s someone in your family. I wrote this
not only for my own healing, but as another way to help others and I cannot wait for
you to hear it.






Esther Sings To St. Lucia, Her Homeland

Castries, St. Lucia – February 7, 2022 – After many years of being abroad, writing, recording and singing music, Esther Singsa.k.a. Esther Antoine, is launching her hit song ‘I want to live’ in her homeland St. Lucia. 

Esther Sings born Esther Antoine in the Caribbean Country of St. Lucia is a singer/songwriter/author/entrepreneur/recording artiste, residing in New York for the past 20 years.

As a youngster in her homeland St. Lucia, she started singing at the age of eight years old as she was heavily influenced by her father Gregory ‘Sewaynis’ Smith who was well known as he sang and played guitar.  At an early age, Esther Sings sang in the Church choir and sang in a duet with her younger sister as they ministered at various churches around the country.  She also sang backup vocals in various small bands at shows and hotel engagements.

She migrated to New York, USA to make a better life for herself and met up with the owner of African Voice Productions (AVP) where she found the opportunity to write and record her own original music.

Unfortunately, for this young and vibrant mother of five (5) children, tragedy struck as her youngest child, her baby of 5 months old died in his crib, caused by a fault in the design and manufacturing of the product.  Grieving heavily for her loss, the stress of it all caused a development of two brain aneurysms.  She then had corrective surgeries and then as a result developed problems in her spine, and had to have metal plates inserted.  Being the fighter she is, Esther Sings proceeded to develop her musical skills and wrote and recorded tracks such as ‘Cease Fire’, ‘Do My Best’, ‘If I Ever Love You’ and her most recent with a video of the same title, ‘I want to Live’.  This track was produced by African Voice Productions and released in December, 2021.  Since its release it has been getting airplay in the USA, UK and Jamaica.  The Launch of ‘I Want to Live’ in her homeland St. Lucia means so much, as she would like for her people to know her work.  Her music can be found on all streaming platforms and also YouTube. 

Soon after her tragic loss and painful experiences, Esther Sings penned two books, back-to-back as part of her healing process.  They are ‘You left me Broken’ and ‘Surviving a Brain Aneurysm and How it Changed My Life’. Her books can be found on Amazon. 

This St. Lucian singer/songwriter/author/entrepreneur/recording artiste continues to touch the hearts of people who listen to her music and hopes to be able to perform in her homeland one day  

For Bookings call Esther Sings at Phone: (347) 546-1210




“Breathe” New Single By Lateefah Due Out Mid 2021

UK based St. Lucian/Dominican Neosoul gospel artist Lateefah will be releasing a new single in 2021, and RJL is proud to have received an advanced copy of this latest single entitled “Breathe” which is the follow-up to the super hit “This Is Who I Am”. We at RJL have learnt that the single will also be accompanied by an official music video to be directed by acclaimed video director Junior Roberts. The song was co-written by Lateefah, Ian Copeland-Green and Audrey Gray, and produced by Ian Copeland-Green. RJL will continue to play its part in promoting homegrown talents. “Breathe” is schedule for release in mid 2021 by Lateko Records. Watch this space!!



AbiYah Yisrael Gives Respect To All Mothers in New  Reggae Single “Thank You Mama”

AbiYah Yisreal

Early 2017, Thank You Mama was released. At that time the artiste as well as the label was just starting off. Now in a better place ChaYah Studios has decided to redo the recording and re-release the song Thank You MamaAbiYah believes that there is a foundational principal to longevity and that is to honor our parents. In addition AbiYah recognizes the pivotal role played by mothers in  society. Through the words of Thank You Mama she expresses her gratitude. AbiYah feels that without ‘Mother’ there cannot be humanity and without humanity we have no world. She says, “Generations come through her and nations are defined in her womb. That is the power of a womb-man.” She urges everyone even those who face hard relationships with their parents to always respect the order and show love to mother.



Shem Meluce Dedicates Song To His Late Brother In “Not Easy”


Read more at: https://www.damajority.com/shem-meluce-dedicates-song-to-his-late-brother-in-not-easy-saint-lucia-music/

Reggae Artist Taj Weekes named Goodwill and Brand Ambassador for St. Lucia


Reggae Artist Taj Weekes named Goodwill and Brand Ambassador for St. Lucia Full story here:


Boo Hinkson urges musicians to use COVID-19 downturn wisely

Saint Lucian musician Ronald “Boo” Hinkson says the COVID-19 pandemic has left many lessons to be learnt by local musicians. The music industry has been among the hardest hit by COVID-19. Full story here

Emrand Henry on the charts in Kenya, Africa

Featured on Kenya’s mainstream television stations Kiss TV and Shine TV, “Under Mi Feet”, Henry’s latest single and music video has been on the nation’s top five gospel charts for the month of April. Full story here:




Cyndi Celeste to showcase Barbadian culture at World Poetry Slam

Poet Cyndi Celeste Marshall is jetting off on Monday to fly the Bajan flag at the 2021 Women of the World Poetry Slam from April 6 to 10 in Dallas, Texas.

She is the first Barbadian to enter the event which will feature 80 female poets from around the world.

The artiste, whose stage name is Cyndi Celeste, is elated to be taking part.

“I am just excited to show the American poetry scene what Caribbean people can do with their language. It also feels like quite a bit of pressure and that is because I put a fair set of pressure on myself.”

The 24-year-old poet started writing and performing in 2013 but only began to approach it professionally in 2018. Her historic journey and time spent in Dallas will all be made possible with funding from the National Cultural Foundation (NCF).

For that help, Cyndi Celeste is eternally grateful.

“I cannot begin to express how invaluable the NCF support is. I feel like the NCF is the parent I can go to and say this is what I need, and they, in turn, say: ‘Well, this is what we can do for you.’ Both the CEO Carol Roberts-Reifer and clerical officer Kelly-Ann Gaskin helped prepare me for this, not only in terms of funding but they walked me through everything down to the COVID restrictions. I know it is a business, but when it comes down to it, it is this humanitarian, family-like way of giving and support in terms of advice.”

Full story here:



Kingdom Soldier Release ‘Sweeter Than The Sweetest’ Single Exclusively on RJL Radio

Sweeter than the sweetest’ is a song giving thanks to Jesus for all his goodness and divine guidance during many challenging times. The song is taken from ‘The Watchman’ album released September 2020. We are please to report that listeners can hear ‘Sweeter than the sweetest’ exclusively on RJL Radio as Kingdom Soldier instructs that there are no plans to make it available on any digital platforms.




August 16, 2022

St. Lucia-born ‘Semi’ launches his brand new 12-track album tomorrow at Jazz on the Beach at The Landing in Gros Islet. It can be considered the official album launch of the latest offering from undoubtedly one of St. Lucia’s most prolific reggae artist, Werner ‘Semi’ Francis. ‘Love Strong’ is complete with lilting rhythms infused with […]

Lateefah is a neosoul/gospel singer-songwriter based in London, United Kingdom. Her songs are inspired by pages from her diary and listening to them is a life changing experience. Lateefah counts amongst her influences such names as Jill Scott, Lisa McClendon, Lauryn Hill, India Arie and Ledisi. In a very short time Lateefah has built a […]


October 18, 2020

From St Lucia, here comes singer, songwriter and producer Kingdom Soldier (Lenny Deneb) with his third album entitled The Watchman. Due for release at the beginning of September this will be his third studio album and it reveals his thoughtful and religious inspiration throughout. Lenny says: “the Watchman album was inspired in me to write […]

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